Construction of new wing in the 68th and 88th kindergartens and 90th and 123d public schools, Athens

Building ConstructionPublic works

Client: Building Infrastructures plc

Budget: 980.000 €

Location: Athens

Construction of 1.200 m2 new wing in the 68th and 88th kindergardens and 90th and 123d public schools in Athens.

  • Three storey building in contact with the existing school buildings.
  • Independent use of the ground floor by the kindergardens and of the 1st and 2nd floors by the public schools.
  • 7 full size classrooms.
  • WC, storage spaces, boiler room, engine rooms for fire extinguishing system and ventilation.
  • Green roof.
  • Construction of fire extinguishing and ventilation systems, water supply, sewage, heating and electrical networks.
  • Complete design and reconstruction of the school yards for both the kindergardens and public schools.

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