Bioclimatic reconstruction of old district, Larissa

Public worksUrban Reconstruction

Client: Larissa municipality

Budget: 5.800.000 €

Location: Larissa

Bioclimatic reconstruction of Frourio hill, Ancient theatre, Saint Achilles church, Larissa.

Joint venture with 38,5% THALIS plc participation.

  • The project goal was to improve the micro climate of a whole district within Larissa and provide access to people with mobility problems.
  • To this goal, a variety of specialized methods and materials were used:
    • re-paving of a total surface of more than 15.000 m2 with specialized materials (“cold” stones, reflective coatings).
    • construction of anti-thermal UV-reflecting fabric tents suspended from steel pillars at heights between 4 and 6 m with a total surface of more than 1.800 m2.
    • creation of planted “islands” at key points throughout the paved surfaces.
    • construction of air cooling systems using geo-thermal ducts.
  • Access throughout the reconstructed area for people with mobility problems is now ensured with the adjustment of street slopes and the construction of ramps where necessary.

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